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Y-Prize 2022-2023

Solar Powered Aerial Vehicles

Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Y-Prize 2021-2022

Steerable Needle

New Memory

Y-Prize 2020-2021

Nanostructured Membranes

Semantic SLAM

Y-Prize 2019-2020

Energy Harvesting

Metal Healing

Y-Prize 2018-2019

Embodied Logic

Surface Wrinkle Printing

Y-Prize 2017-2018

Carbon Nanopipettes

Nanotribological Printing

Y-Prize 2016-2017

Competition Introduction

Smart Windows

Ultrathin Plates

Y-Prize 2015-2016

Competition Introduction

Microfluidic Fabrication

Image Registration and Image Segmentation

Big Data Platform

Y-Prize 2014-2015

Competition Introduction

Y-Prize 2013-2014

Competition Introduction

See archival footage about how the Y-Prize technologies developed.

Y-Prize 2012-2013

A summary of the inaugural University of Pennsylvania Y-Prize Competition, featuring Professor Vijay Kumar and winning team IdentifIED.