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Y-Prize 2016 Winners: Fermento

Congratulations to Siddharth Shah, Shashwata Narain, and Alexander David, winners of this year's Y-Prize Competition!

Penn Engineers are working to tackle some of medicine’s most fundamental challenges, and they’ve invented amazing technologies along the way. Now it’s your turn to figure out how to use these technologies to change the world.

The Y-Prize challenges students to create a viable commercial application for Penn research. This is your chance to take technology out of the lab and into the marketplace, to transform invention into true innovation.

Flex the entrepreneurial muscles you didn’t know you had. Find your passion for a technology with untapped potential. Learn to develop the sort of ideas that can launch a business into existence. Along the way, you’ll partner with people whose skills complement yours, the type of people who come into your life for a semester and end up becoming your friends for a lifetime. And if your team proposes the best commercial application for Penn technology? You’ll win $10,000.

Past Winners

Past Y-Prize Winners

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