Penn Engineers have created some of today’s most amazing new technologies. This competition offers the chance to envision how these technologies might shape our lives tomorrow.

About the Competition

The Y-Prize is a contest in which members of the Penn community compete to propose the best applications for an emerging technology.

Congratulations to our 2024 winners, LilyLoop! Read about their winning proposal here.

About the Technologies

2023-2024 Technologies

Ultrafast, Gripping Soft

A class of “metacaps” whose ultrafast yet tunable snapping response can be leveraged to overcome the power and speed limitations of current soft robots.

2023-2024 Technologies

Biodegradable Soil Moisture Sensors

A capacitive moisture sensor screen-printed on a fully biodegradable paper substrate with a surface that is improved via the infiltration of cellulose nanofibrils. 

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