Submission Guidelines

Entry Instructions

Ready to submit? Click here. Deadline is Sunday, November 5, 2023 by 11:59 p.m.

An entry includes a video pitch and a slide deck that explains your proposed application of the Y-Prize technology. The video pitch and slides should address the following:

Market Opportunity: Provide evidence of the market need and target customers and/or potential partners. Demonstrate support for the uniqueness of the proposition in filling customer/partner need through application of the technology.

Technology: Explain how Penn technology will be used in creating a compelling value proposition. Identify key benefits sought by customers and/or potential partners and explain the product advantages offered over alternative solutions. Provide evidence that technology is sufficient to stand alone, or identify additional elements to enable a full solution.

Team: Provide summary of requisite skill set required (near term, medium term, and long term), discuss how current team fulfills these needs, and identify what resources will be required going forward.

Execution Plan: Provide a short summary business plan laying out proposed development strategy. What are the key next steps, activities/priorities, milestones, resources required, and timelines required to develop this proposition into a commercial opportunity? What is the end goal of the company (e.g. sell to customers, get acquired, other)?

Required Entry Materials

Video Pitch: The pitch should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length. There are no requirements for how you deliver the information, but please be sure to address the items listed above. You must upload the video to YouTube, set the privacy to “Unlisted,” and share the link when you complete the online entry form.

Slides: The slide deck should be a maximum of 5 slides in length and saved as a PDF. It should contain additional information to help the judges understand your proposed application. Consider the slides an opportunity to expand on the information presented in your pitch.

You are also asked to provide a high-resolution group photo of your team (or individual headshots of all team members). This will be used for promotional purposes when the finalists are announced and is not shared with judges.


To see how judges will evaluate the finalist presentations, download the judging rubric here (PDF).

How to Craft a Successful Pitch

Watch a recording of Jeffrey Babin, Practice Professor and Associate Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program, on what it takes to craft a successful pitch.

Pitch Presentation

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