About the Technology

Each year we try to showcase the emerging technologies that drive our program. These offer new insights, methods of observation and a direction for development.

2022-2023 Technologies

Solar Powered Aerial Vehicles

Using only sunlight to create lift force, these aerial vehicles can levitate without any moving parts, even at altitudes where the air is too thin for airplanes and balloons.

2022-2023 Technologies

Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Blending physics and AI, these neural networks open the path to learning functional relationships between the excitation and the response of a system, even when those cannot be directly measured.

About The Labs


Predictive Intelligence Lab

The Predictive Intelligence Lab is the research team of Professor Paris Perdikaris at the department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania.


The Bargatin Lab

The Bargatin group pushes the limits of nanofabrication techniques to create materials and structures with unprecedented mechanical properties.