2024 Finalists


Y-Prize Winner


Smart, safe periods with LilyLoop: biodegradable sensor tampons, wearable jewelry technology, and an app for timely tampon change reminders.

Team members: Kylie Chang (Wharton), Rima Chavali (Vagelos LSM), Neha Chelamkuri (Vagelos LSM)


Y-Prize Finalists


Reap aims to transform peach harvest by developing an ultrafast, soft gripping robot to efficiently pick ripe peaches amidst farmer labor shortages.

Team members: Zion Abebe (SAS), Man-Ching Fung (SEAS), Arti Singh (SAS)


IntelliWound is an EHR-connected moisture sensor integrated on wound dressings that enables faster, cost-effective, and higher-quality wound care.

Team members: Aravind Krishnan (LSM), Ashna Patel (LSM), Tej Patel (LSM), Shailesh Senthil Kumar (LSM), Vasuprada Shandar (LSM), Hannah Zhang (Wharton)

Project Lono

We are proposing a two-fold precision irrigation system comprised of the soil moisture sensor and an AI-enabled IoT platform.

Team members: Youssef Bargach (Wharton), Sanjana Manoravi (Wharton), Chandrima Shrivastava (Wharton), Haoshu Xu (Wharton)