2023 Finalists


Y-Prize Winner


Equimeter utilizes the PDE of Beer-Lambert’s Law as a physical constraint for current pulse oximeters in order to better address racial discrepancies.

Team members: Ujjayi Pamidigantam (Vagelos LSM), Parthiv Patel (Vagelos LSM), Advait Thaploo (Vagelos LSM)


Y-Prize Finalists


AtrioFlow is a healthcare technology that uses physics-based AI to produce 3D maps of the heart, which will massively improve cardiac surgery outcomes.

Team members: Kimberly Liang (M&T), Jungmin Dan Shinn (SEAS), Junzhi Xie (VIPER), Alvin Xu (Vagelos LSM)


Bubble implements solar-powered drones to predict climate and weather further in advance than previously possible, utilizing data on gravitational waves.

Team members: William Guo (Wharton), Benjamin Shi (Huntsman Program), Ankita Shrivastava (Wharton), Lukas Van Koch (VIPER), Kyle Zhang (M&T)


VoluVision is creating a full-color volumetric display based on photophoretic levitation of micrometer-scale polymer films with payloads of LEDs, powered by a spatial light modulator. This technology has the potential to revolutionize medical visualization, which improves diagnostics and surgical outcomes.

Team members: Benjamin Chan (SEAS), Joy Gong (College of Arts & Sciences), Rohana Gullapalli (College of Arts and Sciences), Gavin Hart (LPS), Lavanya Neti (Wharton), Tarunyaa Sivakumar (SEAS)