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  • Finalists Announced: Friday, November 21
  • Grand Finale: January 28, 2015

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PCI Event

“Faculty Start-Up Companies” with Dr. Mark Allen: Monday, November 10th. Sponsored by Penn Center for Innovation. More info here.

Penn Technologies, Your Ideas

Batteries that charge in minutes but power a device for hours. A surface that sticks when you want it to, then lifts on command. A super-strong, super-conductive material that’s one atom thick.

Penn researchers have created some amazing technologies. Now it’s your chance to take those technologies out of the labs and into the marketplace.

Flex the entrepreneurial muscles you didn’t know you had. Find your passion for a technology that most people have never heard of. Learn to develop the sort of ideas that can launch a business into being.

Along the way, you’ll partner with people whose skills complement yours, the type of people who come into your life for a semester and end up becoming your friends for a lifetime. And if your team proposes the best commercial application for Penn technology? You’ll win $5K.


Read about this year's exciting slate of submissions.

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