2022 Finalists


Y-Prize Winners:
Ossum Technologies

OsPass implements a steerable needle to remove obstacles to safe cerclage use in orthopedic fracture fixation, prioritizing improved patient outcome
Team members: Ananya Dewan (Vagelos LSM), Hoang Le (Vagelos LSM), Shiva Teerdhala (Vagelos LSM), Karan Shah (SEAS), Savan Patel (M&T)


Y-Prize Finalists

The Y-Prize judges selected the following four teams to move to round 2 of the competition. They will present their pitches at our online finale on Monday, March 21, 2022.



AccuSpark utilizes steerable needle technology to revolutionize Deep Brain Stimulation therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.
Team members: Adanna Mogbo (Vagelos LSM), Qijia Joy Liu (M&T), Aravind Krishnan (Vagelos LSM), Shraavasti Bhat (M&T)


Steerable injection system delivering targeted chemotherapy to refractory GBM (minimizing off-site toxicity and conferring extra BBB maneuverability).

Team members: Ashna Patel (Vagelos LSM), Roshan Pillai (Vagelos LSM), Parthiv Patel (Vagelos LSM), Tej Patel (Vagelos LSM), Advait Thaploo (Vagelos LSM), Ujjayi Pamidigantam (Vagelos LSM)



Using steerable needle technology to prevent displacement or inadvertent bending of core biopsy needles in breast biopsy procedures.

Team members: Farhaanah Mohideen (Wharton), Ananyaa Kumar (SEAS), Kristina Khaw (SEAS), Ivan Kuznetsov (Wharton), Aman Parikh (Wharton)